Parenting Support, Parent Coaching

Parenting Support,
Parent Coaching


Offering support to parents as they navigate through the challenges that raising children often presents. Clients usually are searching for something different to try with their kids because they feel frustrated, overwhelmed, ashamed, insecure, exhausted or guilty; often it’s some combination of these, stemming from the effort put into changing their children’s behavior and not being successful.

The situations people have sought support with are numerous. Some parents need to find ways to have their kids get along better and adhere to family rules and boundaries. Others are looking for more respect in their homes and better communication skills. There are also clients who feel very worried about their children because they seem anxious or depressed and do not know how to help them. The reasons parents seek out support are endless because all family situations are unique.

Tami Meyers, MA in Counseling

Tami Meyers
Certified Parenting Coach,
MA in Counseling

Tami Meyers, MA in Counseling

Tami Meyers
Certified Parenting Coach,
MA in Counseling


JAI Institute Certified Parent Coach

As a mom of three amazing teenagers I believe parenting is the most important job in the world. I have always been drawn to helping others and have worked in both the Mental Health and Education fields for over twenty years. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and am a Certified Parenting Coach through the JAI Institute for Parenting.

Having had my own struggles as a parent I chose to also use a parenting coach to help me find ways to solve conflicts and connect more deeply with my children. Through this connection with my kids, we work through any challenges that arise. Most importantly, I have learned to acknowledge and honor what I feel, need and believe as a person. Doing this has empowered me to become a more confident, skilled and loving parent.

JAI Institute Certified Parent Coach


Working with me you will learn to consciously choose how to respond to your children when they are difficult for you, instead of reacting. You will become your child’s emotional coach assisting them as they navigate through all the feelings that come with being a child. This is accomplished partly by shifting how you interpret challenging behaviors and viewing them as a sign that your child has an unmet need. The result is a stronger connection with your kids, which will invite natural cooperation and harmony within your family. In addition, you will begin to feel more balanced and joyful as a new and improved version of yourself. To learn more, please contact me, it would be my privilege to serve you.



While I am physically located in Oregon, I conduct my coaching 1:1 over the phone. In addition to being convenient for anyone across the country, working over the phone also allows for greater vulnerability and a sense of safety for you as a client. During our confidential sessions, I will create a nonjudgmental space for you to explore and learn, share your struggles and most importantly be fully heard.


This 3-hour interactive class discusses parenting patterns, teaches how discovering your child’s feelings & needs can positively impact your relationship and two powerful parenting tools. It is designed to give you practical tools to use immediately with your children. You will leave feeling more positive and ready to try what you’ve learned.

Most places within Oregon and Southern Washington can be accommodated; whether that be your home, school, religious organization, community center, or agency. I’m flexible! You provide the space and people, and I’ll do the rest.


This program has been amazing for my family! My daughter and I have struggled for years (she’s 20 now) and after the coaching I am better able to talk and not be triggered by her. We had an amazing break through in our relationship and have not argued for the last 2 1/2 months. We have real conversations for the first time in a very long time. This program also has helped with my relationship with my boyfriend as well as my 3 year old grandson. I feel so blessed! Tami was able to guide me through all the steps even when I really didn’t want to or know how to. She is very good at asking the right questions!

– Mom and grandma

I highly recommend taking this parent coaching program with Tami. In each session I felt understood and loved, never judged. She provides a truly safe space to share your thoughts and feelings, a difficult thing at times for many parents who are struggling and feeling discouraged or embarrassed by their own behaviors. The program is both energizing and challenging, with a wealth of resources to return to anytime you need a reminder or extra support. Thank you, Tami, for bringing this program to parents!

– Stepmom of a 14 year old daughter